Steam Nickname Thread


The thing I play most on Steam is SotM ;)

Mine is :

I've hijacked my boyfriend's account - n41l5. I have no idea how to find the link for that...

Mine should be jffdougan. I use it mind-bogglingly rarely, as the laptop that hits most of my non-iOS gaming is showing its age and slows to a mammoth crawl whenever I try to pull something from Steam.

My name on steam is JezziBail.

It's been a while since I used it, though now that I have a little bit of a break I might be using it more.

Thanks!  That worked.


Silverleaf: Just Assume…

Really? It shouldn't be... it's never been before. You put it in as all zeroes, right? no letter O?

Blossercubbles is mine. Since I've recently acquired a new computer, I'm a bit more active, since I can actually play some of the games I got through various deals. Yeah...I'm a sucker.



has anyonemade a group yet?

There is this group, it has been around for quite some time.

Damnit Ronway!

I've not had as much net access as usual so only just saw this thread but was happily scrolling down thinking "Must add the group", and there you go, being the last post in this thread, crushing my dreams again. Will I never win?



Here is a link to my profile


I just copied and pasted your post, so as long as you spelled it right it should be the same.

Matchstickman, I really like your steam avatar. Where is it from?



Were you really expecting anything different? 

This guy

I'm using quiet a bit of his art as various different avatars spread across the internet, it's some awesome stuff.

I agree, his stuff is pretty amazing. Thanks!

Should of been faster. I did my best waiting, but once I saw someone asking questions about it, I had to let them know. Otherwise there could of been a rival group to compete with.