Steam Nickname Thread



The settings say it's public, so I don't know.

I know why. Because you gave the wrong name. According to the link you provided, it is Siegmeyer of Catarina.

So... how do you actually add friends? I'm way new to Steam.

Yeah, me, too.

In the Steam Application, bottom right, "VIEW FRIENDS LIST". Bottom of the Friends List, "ADD A FRIEND".


Log into Steam

Open a New window

Come to this forum

Click on the blue hyperlinks at the top of the forum

Will take you to steam with Add Friend Button right there

Hit the back button, click next blue hyperlink.

Yeah, but that's just an alias. I change that all the time. The actual account name, and what I use to log in, is j03b0b0fd00m.

I don't think we can use that name to add you as a friend.  It is different as a security measure so people can't use your steam name to try and hack into your account.

Then that must be something they changd recently (in the past couple years), as I used to give that name to people all the time for them to add me. That's good to know.

Either I've completely lost access to whatever email account I used to create a username of EdgeDS (what I typically use online) or someone else actually has it on Steam.  No biggie.  New account created: AzqaGames

Steam Name: DerpTheBugbear

My steam name is the same as Greater than Games name.

My steam handle is mytana

Koga Wolfe here.

So, its funny. I forgot my name is different now that i updated the screen name. It is Lynkfox






Adorable fox is adorable.


bessyrocks12, as with almost everything else

Mine's tyrannoninjarex.