The Best Heroes-A Statistical Community Effort

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So, as an extension from the Mister Fixer Underpowered? thread, there appears to be desire to start gathering statistics on the most effective heroes, and just some stats in general, this is a really cool community project that could use your help!


Please submit games to the following link, and if you see a way that games could be submitted better, certainly post on this thread! We can use all the help we can get :)


Here is the link to the fan-made statistics form

Here is a link to the list of submitted games. 737(!) so far!

Data Compilations:

This is a link to the third compillation of stats, after nearly 1000 games. Really cool info, but we need more games!

Edit: Today's 2 games with 2-3 new players.

Villain: Baron Blade(O)

(# Number of Heroes) Wraith, Legacy, Fanatic 





Villain: Akash' Bhuta(O)

(# Number of Heroes) Absolute Zero, Agent Ardent, Bunker, Tempest.

Insula Primalis


[Side Question: Does damage from Limbs count as extra nemesis, forgot to include those. But at no point was AA ever below 10 health so I do not think it mattered.] Answered - Thanks AWP. Okay cool wasn't sure only recently got IR.


Villain [REDACTED](O)




Comments: This one was close, but we mostly won thanks to [REDACTED].

Am I doing it right? :-D

 i commend your effort,   it would really be better if this could be done on a spreadsheet or something where you just enter data.  But I'm not that computer savvy.  I also want to say that it's unrealistic to start predicting trends until MANY games have come in.   The Arkham Horror stats have literally thousands of games logged in them, which is why they're so useful.   Also this only works if people make a comittment to logging every game they play, not just games they win =p.   Not accusing you or anything, I realize it probably just worked out that way.   But obviously if people only post wins with their favorite character, it's going to skew the data.


incidentally, no, limbs don't get nemisis bonuses.   I think the only times the nemesis bonus applies in that fight is for Entoumb and for the Avatar of Destruction attack.

My issue with a spreadsheet is recording turn order, do you guys think we need to differentiate say...

Wraith, Legacy, Visionary


Legacy, Visionary, Wraith?

 I DO think that player order makes a difference.   But I don't think it makes too much difference,  you could probably ignore it.   I dunno.   If you want to try to work it out that would be cool, but I'm not  how to do a workaround without comprimising the core intent of the project.


Incidentally, follow this link to see what I was talking about.   If you look at the bottom tabs and go to "Investigators"  you can see the characters and their win%, along with many other pieces of data.   Patrice is only SECOND best at 76% victory, with Mandy Thompson being top at 77%.   Vincent Lee is near the bottom at around 58%, but he's not dead last, like I expected.

Thats...really Impressive. Any idea how that was created? As in, do people personally add in their own stats, or was there a forum thread like this, and then someone added all the data in later?

As I posted in the other thread,

That is the link to an in progress way to collect data. For those of you with time, patience, and/or know how, please feel free to adapt it to make it work, I just wanted to lay an example groundwork.

(I think order of heroes is important. An online form is a cool idea. As long as data can be extracted in CSV format, we can use many tools )


Type : Full Random Setup, Solo

Villain : Akash'bhuta (O)

Heroes : (4) Absolute Zero, Tempest, Wraith, Fanatic

Environment : Megalopolis

Results : Win (no incapacitated hero)


Comments :

  • Slow moving game, thanks to Megalopolis.
  • Hero Hp at the end : between 11 and 13, with Tempest focusing on healing at the end.
  • Notable : AZ first did damage, but was soon limited to tank, because of ongoing destruction. Wraith was slow to start.
  • Final move : 7 cards Inventory Barrage + End of Days.

 I really ought to have included that... 


Yes, it's mostly automated.   If you had just played a game and wanted to record it, you would go to this link here:   (feel free to mess around, but please don't hit Submit unless you actually played a game).   Tibs is the creator and does regular updates but I'm not entirely sure to what extend things are automated and to what extent he does things himself.   As I said, I believe it's mostly automated, as when I've submitted games in the past the changes immidiately show up on the stats page, if I'm recalling correctly.   Anyway, here's the form to submit a game.   I imagine you could copy most of the code, or contact the creator and ask him how he did it.

(Until we have some online solution, I keep archiving games here for later use)

Type : Full Random Setup, Solo

Villain : Apostate (O)

Heroes : (4) Bunker, The Visionary, Tempest, Wraith

Environment : Wagner Mars Base

Results : Win (no incapacitated hero)

Comments :

  • Hard win ! Apostate, with the help of Wagner Base (especially villainous weaponry) manages to bring all his relics out very fast and do tons of damage, while the heroes slowly dispatched relics - untill :
  • Last second ultra combo : all heroes were down to exactly 3 HP when Visionary entered her cocoon and Wraith managed to at last equip her Smoke Bombs.
  • Without the above combo, the game would have been lost, as Apostate still had 40 hp at the time...
  • After a good starting set up, alas destroyed by Apostate, Wraith was really slow. Targeting Computer appeared only in the last turns.
  • Tempest used Localized Hurricane for most of the game, and never had any Rain card in hand.
  • Finishing move : a three card Omnicanon (only use of the canon in the game, as it entered play only one turn before the end) + Visionary finishing the last HP with a Mind Spike.




So the Forum thing is awesome, a direct aspect of Google Drive - They just do it straight up, and it auto records to a spread sheet.


So here is the form


im working right now on manipulating the Spreedsheet to start showing up information like the Arkham horror stats one. 


And awp, no one has been trying to draw conclusions yet. You're right, we need -lots- of data, of both wins and looses. But the only way to get that data is to start somewhere! I'll connect this to the wiki too






It looks like he updates that spreedsheet manually monthly. There should be a way to automate it, but from what I can tell from the cell pull information, and the (This is updated monthly) near the form link, it appears to be manual. Thats some dedication.


Well the form is created, people should start entering their games and their wins, losses. I included a few other things - Promo heroes as their own selection (so we can see is Absolute Zero Elemental Wrath more powerful or not?) and a few survey questions so we can refine the information a little bit more. Most important I think was Incapitated heroes addition. 



Zelink, not to rain on your parade - Iw ould have used your form if I could, but creating a brand new form makes its own spreadsheet.


But maybe you should add the link to your opening post?

Rain all over it :) I don't proclaim to be great at any of this, I'm content with just being a catalyst!

Great :)


But do edit the first post and add a link. I linked from the Wiki too, hopefully that will make it easier for people to find and start submitting games.


Wins AND losses people!

Poor Tempest, he got forgotten.

The "number of incapacitated heroes" radio buttons should probably have a 0 field as well, or an accidental click could mean you'd have to start the form over again.

What are you talking about? Tempest has been there all along << >> XD 


And good call Garou. Added (And addedtempest too)

Maybe we could link to posts in this thread (or other) in the comment section, for additional informations ? Comments are not usable for statistics - but they can give ideas about the kind of datas that can be useful to add to the survey.

Do you want to include the alternate villains?

For incapacitated heroes, instead of having a radio button for 0-5 and a free-text field for which heroes, how about:


Have five dropdowns for choosing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th heroes.

Then have a checkbox for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th heroes that allows one to set incapacitated or not.

It's good that the information is on there for future use, but any playtesters should probably not be posting playtest games on here.  Since the characters have not yet reached their final incarnations, we don't want any possible imbalances or massive changes to throw off the intent of the project.  While I think the characters are very close to what they will be, better safe than sorry.

That probably means I won't be posting my games on here for a while.  :(