The Final SOTM Enhanced Edition Combo Thread

There are at least two threads for combos on the forum, but the two I found with a quick Search are both from 2015, so I think we should have a new one.

I haven’t tested this yet, but based on text of the cards, I’m pretty sure that this should work. Guise plays Gritty Reboot, then activates Tough Choices, choosing “Play a Card”. He plays I Can Do That Too and uses the “Bring It” power of Road Warrior Void Guard Mainstay. Tough Choices then allows Guise to deal 1 damage to any target… choose himself. If this works as I expect, he will hit himself for 1, then because he hit himself for 1, he can choose to hit himself for 1. Lather, rinse, and repeat until his HP is down to 1, drawing 26 cards along the way. Bonus points if Mainstay then plays Leader of the Pack, ensuring that literally any source of damage that would hit Guise gets redirected to Mainstay, ensuring the 1-HP Guise never gets hit again.

In a game on the app the other day, I did something very similar by playing Gritty Reboot while Omnitron had Interpolation Beam in play. It worked about as you describe: draw card, get 1 damage, draw card, …, and you conveniently get the choice to stop drawing cards whenever you feel like you’ve had enough.

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Hello everyone. I can’t find the introduction thread for new profiles, where do I go to explain who I am?

Looks like someone made a thread for it in 2018: Introduction

(and then no one else used it)

Is that a common thing?

Okay, so should I necro?

I don’t know man, you do you! No one will be upset if you do.

(Small disclaimer: I cannot fully promise that no one will be upset, but if they are it will be quite unreasonable.)

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Necroing threads isn’t generally considered bad, here. :slight_smile: I believe one of the older forums actually did have a larger thread, but it has been lost to the ages. :frowning: So… Please feel free! :grin:

And I’m glad you have joined us! :smiley:


Justifier got chided several times by moderator types when doing it.