The "I have nothing real to contribute, but I am sick of seeing no new posts" thread <2014 Award Winner>

<Funniest Thread of the Year 2014 Award Winner>

Pink elephants fly at midnight.

They should take the train. It’s faster.

Are you sure about that? Last night a saw an orange elephant flying at midnight, not a pink one.

Fine. Orange elephants should take the train at midnight.

Did you know, that the >G forums is always on a tab on Ronway's web browser? And he checks it almost obsessively while surfing the web!

What browser?

I'm still faithful to Internet Explorer!

You must feel pretty lonely, then.


I'm sick of seeing this thread. 


I know it's always on a tab on my browser. I have a large collection of tabs that are always open.

I use Session Manager for Firefox to keep pre-loaded sets of tabs, one set for mornings (which includes the web comics I follow) and one for evenings (which includes the news-related sites I follow), and >G forums are on both.


Also, hamsters.

I have a tab dedicated to Hampsters.

I rarely ever check the >G forums.  I'm too busy telling the wierd colored Elephants that we don't have train cars that can hold them, and they might want to try flying.


I can't speak for other countries, but in the States if the TSA would just give the elephants their own security screening line, they'd probably have a much easier time trying to manage their flights.


I can see you…

I'm about to go mad with the tedium of work today, so I am posting in here. Whee!


WHIPAPHANT! Destroyer of tediums!

The flavor text of Haka of Battle is sour apple.