The Letters Page: Episode #276 - Writers' Room: Freedom Five #431

Let’s hear the best couple names you can think of.


Ooooh! Just saw the cover but haven’t started to listen yet. So pretty obvious we have The Yeti, Crossword, and Skeleton Key. Is the punk rocker Degenerate and the briefcase lady Brianna Hawke, “The Law Hawk”?

I got nothing for the goggled guy reading the paper. Guess I’ll have to listen and find out!
Edit: Of course, most likely The Adhesivist. I forget he’s red & yellow in Definitive Edition. My brain always tries to go to Enhanced Edition and thinks he should look like Condiment King from the old Batman: TAS.

For a prompt that sounded like it would lead to another Mathew situation, this is probably one of the more fascinating relationships they’ve brainstormed. I love the "leave it at the door’ mentality.


YES! Christopher did the thing! XD

That sounds like a good sandwich. c_c I like this pudding-to-turkey-sandwich scale of hospital food.

“If you thought I was insufferable before…” XD

Great intro, glad to hear the whole surgery story finally. :slight_smile:

Oh man, now I want a Beauty and the Beast-type story with Man-Grove. >_>

Adhesivist being the villain is brilliant and hilarious. :smiley: I definitely want more stories about him.

This is like the anti-Matthew, the more they get into it, the more I love it. XD

They’ve pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. Glue-Globes! XD Oh, or Hawke-Gluemann, that’s better. :slight_smile: I feel like they should’ve spelled Gluemann with an h instead of an e? Or maybe both!

I’m really glad this is leading towards more of the minor villains we never get to see. :smiley: YES MORE CROSSWORD

I am also loving Adhesivist and Degenerate as exes. :smiley:

Never has Christopher uttered a more cursed phrase than “Matthew’s solo book”. XD

“I’m not saying he can hasten my doom anytime…” My word, the things people will say!

It me! :open_mouth: (Haha, I wrote a transition letter lol) The point about it being better to ship Deadline and Waykeep is one I will take to heart. :slight_smile: As canon. 8)

Oh, they’re bringing Sk8blayd back from the dead? :smiley: How nice, I look forward to it!

It’s Wolverines all the way down.

Yeah, this was 100% panacea for your Matthew-induced woes. XD Whoever suggested this prompt, pat yourself on the back, this is one of the best episodes in recent history (lack of episodes aside).


I mean, I like Hawke, too. More I hear of here, I just like her. Imagining Legacy or Wraith saying "Nope, that’s okay, we’re a little scared of you, anyway’ is funny.

Or maybe I like lawyers in superhero settings. I find the ways they can do stuff… interesting. Plus, secret identities and things like chain of evidence and testifying in court can be interesting concepts, especially if one is trying to avoid the whole “superhero registration” thing.

Related, a story idea in the back of my head for a while would be a superhero or urban fantasy setting, and a court show like People’s Court that handles arbitration when stuff is a bit fuzzy with regard to law. She-Hulk could have been so much fun…


in the “History of Sentinel Comics” YouTube shorts they mention that Man-Grove had a book, that “sex” happened in the book, and I think the cover was an homage to an old Swamp-Thing cover. (possible a House of Mystery not his own title)

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I used to ship Adhesevist with High Brow and Breanna Hawke with Time Slinger but this story shatters both those pairings.
Best scene from the story- The Freedom Five have a fight on the street and their lawyer shows up saying she was on a date at the cafe across the street and Adhesevist in civilian clothes give a friendly wave to the team when she points him out. Not hiding behind his menu, not crawling into a hedge just “hi, I’m with her”


Objection! She-Hulk has already been a great deal of fun, and will no doubt be so again. The occasional misstep and rough patch in her 45 year career are not grounds to disregard previous and probably future performance. :slight_smile:

Withdrawn. To rephrase: the She-Hulk Disney+ series could have been so much more fun. While good, parts of it felt too generic, and the parts that I was hoping to see more of were negligible (the patent fight over a super-tech gadget, for instance).


Oddball certainly meant the show.

Which yes, would have been much more fun if the writers knew how to write courts scenes. So just watch Daredevil instead!

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I mean… would they even know it’s him? Or maybe the exchange is more…
“I was on a date.”
sees dude
“Wait, is that-”
Law Hawke GLARE
“Nevermind. Thanks for stepping in. Bye!”


Fun fact. My spouse is a teacher of students with visual impairments, and her commentary on the first season was… extensive. Short version: They did a very good job, and Daredevil’s actor was showing proper technique for things like his cane.


Yeah, unfortunately the She-Hulk show was a pretty solid comedy and a pretty dire legal comedy, and the cast had the chops for it to be both. Still one of the middle tier MCU shows, but it had the potential to be better!

As for this episode… amazing. Just perfect, 11/10, no notes, and I’m delighted that they stayed together. Clearly, we need a one-shot for the Sentinel Comics RPG in which Glenn gets framed for a much more serious crime than usual, and Brianna hires the heroes to catch the real villain while she defends him in court.


Time to ship TimeBrow! XD

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“Gluemann Doom” - I think that’ll stick.

Yeah, having listened now this is definitely an amazing episode! Getting to see the minor villains at work, with mastermind Crossword - just what I wanted! We find out about the second most enduring relationship in Sentinel Comics. So I say… I’m ranking them below Paul & Emily but above Amanda & Pete or Wager Master & Madam Mittermeier.

The glimpse into home life makes me want to see more of Equity’s though. His situation isn’t “we know but we don’t talk about it”. It’s totally separate double lives. At least an issue that shows him being a normal person would be nice.

For the potential future baby Hawke-Gluemann, I think a son would have to take dad’s middle name of Elmer while a daughter would be Patsy because it’s one small typo away from pasty.


I’m thinking an angsty anti-hero, mad at the establishment and the villains that keep imprisoning their father, but they begrudgingly end up doing the right thing in the end.

They like fire, and have learned to use some of the Adhesivist’s tools, so clearly their super name Hot GlueGun.


Oh my goodness the amount of slime and other glue-ish/glue-based kids toys and activities in that house…


Is no one going to comment on this beautiful pun? XD


I was also thinking that an obvious reason why the initial few dates worked out was that since they would not talk about work, they talk about themselves and media. She can’t talk about her office but she does not need to hear her date talk about sales work or his shop. But good old Glenn asks about her favorite book and where she went to school.
I figure the 2000’s story showing their healthy, normal, supportive home life is the 'Epoxy on your house" story they named dropped in the Adhesevist creative process. They talk about the Norman Rockwell simplicity of their household, so I figure there was a panel in the issue that was an homage to the cover we got.


The line “there’s nothing in his brain but her and glue” had me in stitches!

Christopher is also right that the voice actor from Sentinels of Freedom did an amazing job with the character and the shtick. I laughed so hard all the way through the Adhesivist fight in that video game. “It just… can’t hit me… and… but… you’re glue!