Weekly One-Shot #326: School Trip

The Dreamer visits Megalopolis, with Setback, Nightmist, and the Visionary there to save the day. Good luck!

This one sucks hard and I’ve already gone through it three times. :expressionless: Anyone have a strategy here?

I can’t say exactly what I did before, but as you can see from my screenshots, I did manage to win on my third try.

Game 1, I got slaughtered before even triggering her flip. Visionary and Nightmist both went down fairly early (the former’s death was caused by using Wrest the Mind on a spider, which was protected by Dark Heroes so that it took only 1 damage for every 3 she did to herself), and Setback survived because of a Silver Lining but was unable to turn things around, in part because of not-useful incap abilities, and also because he was locked down by a Whipacorn that he couldn’t quite kill before it got him trapped.

Game 2, Setback went down to help protect the Visionary from nemesis damage, not getting as many unlucky tokens piled up for Silver Lining’s benefit. Nightmist also died; Visi was able to survive in her Cocoon, but because of the order of the heroes, she couldn’t drop out and do anything before enduring a Dreamer turn, which would have unquestionably killed her. So, for lack of a better option, I at least went for a different one, and killed the Dreamer myself with a Mind Spike. At least this time I got to phase 2.

Game 3 I was somehow able to manage matters better, and nobody died. The only thing I clearly remember about the difference is that in both of the earlier games, I tolerated the existence of the Treacherous Ape, with its +2 damage from the Dark Heroes, and ended up taking far too much damage as a result. So my best advice would be to destroy him asap, leaving the Dark Heroes alive for a bit since they don’t directly do all that much. Tooth Fairies and Macabre Spectres are also must-kills, while Arachnoids may not be worth the effort, depending on what else is going on. Keep Dreamer on side 1 for a long time, until you can get Nightmist fully set up; that’s all the advice I can recall offhand.

Had a pretty comfortable Mint on this one. Kept the Whipacorn alive to hit Nightmist every turn (She’d always be the highest health due to her ridiculous sustain and Setbacks/Visionarys lack thereof) so she could do all of her self-damaging abilities to get more cards in hand, and then in play.

Killed off the rest of the creations as they came out/managed her deck with the Visionarys control. Did something I don’t normally do and put a twist the aether on Visionary instead of the villain so she could keep her Demoralization in play without fear of damaging either the Dreamer or the Whipacorn I was keeping alive. This all gave me enough time to put out enough Ongoing and Equipment cards to make the flipped form of The Dreamer a breeze to deal with. Setback did almost die because I forgot that High Risk Behaviour was one of the cards I was supposed to destroy, but what’s life without a little added unneccessary stress.


That last line is of course the most Setback thing ever…

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I got a Near Mint, using a card I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally used before… Wrong Time and Place is actually super helpful for this fight, since all of the Projections deal low damage. And I put Wrest the Mind on the Arachnoid pretty early, which proved helpful (hit the Ape and the Dark Heroes a bit).

Oh, and Visionary almost always used her power to get Nightmist an extra card.

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Yeah, I managed a Mint with redirection being the theme of the game. Spider hit some other projections with a boost from the Dark Heroes while they were still around. Nightmist got her amulet ASAP and deflected that way, and Setback had a pretty good stack of tokens when he got WTAP out. Don’t remember many specifics other than the cops shooting at a sleepwalking little girl and the heroes shrugging it off.


I currently have Setback and Nightmist down, Visionary in a cocoon, and defeated Nightmist giving her 1 hp every turn.

I figure when she’s up to 500 or so, I’ll pop the cocoon and start playing again.

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@KnaveRupe, a target can’t regain more HP than it started with. The Visionary can never have more than 26 HP.

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And more importantly, when Dreamy has enough of her Projections out, they’ll collectively do more than enough damage to kill even a full-HP Visionary in one turn. If Visi were first in the turn sequence instead of last, she could drop one Cocoon, play her turn, and then play another Cocoon on an incap turn. But because she’s last in sequence, you cannot win this fight just by turtling and healing up, since there are too many Projections dealing too much damage to survive even from 26.

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Holy cow - on my second attempt at this one, Megalopolis absolutely crippled the heroes with Hostage Situation, Paparazzi On The Scene, and Traffic Pileup, while at least one hero had no cards in hand - I’ve never been shut down so effectively by any villain!

How on earth did that happen against anyone other than the Chairman?

Tolerated the Tooth Fairy for too long, I suppose.

yeah, that’s something I’d never do. She’s pretty close to the Dark Hero and the Treacherous Ape as my must-kills for that deck (also Whipacorn most of the time, but maybe less so with Nightmist around).

Oh, it was definitely a mistake. Whipacorn, on the other hand, was actually somewhat useful, thanks to Visionary.

Near Mint for me on this one.
It seems that Megalopolis is a tier 4 difficulty deck whenever the designers stack the decks against us. I should never assume anything is easy in that environment. At least definitive edition makes that deck tolerable.

I too noticed the turn order ruined and turtling tactics on my 1st try but at least i learned and won next try. twist the ether on whipacorn was so helpful for damage mitigation.

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Nobody has stacked the decks against you. I set up the heroes and villains in the new game screen, press Fight, and if I win on the first try, that’s the game you play too.


Hm. Is that true even of the most fiendishly difficult games, such as this week’s Miss Information battle?

Yes. The last time I searched for a random seed was May 2021, for The Effusion of Pain. That was to find a seed where Heir to Nothingness was on top of OblivAeon’s deck. I still played the game and won on the first try before posting it. There’s no difference between that and hitting “restart game” until Heir to Nothingness was on top, except saving me time.