Definitive Edition: Order Predictions

Okay, so this is just me being way too much of a nerd. But I figure I’m going to sort of try to figure out what’s coming up for Definitive Edition, based on the few hints that we’ve gotten. Here is what we know; please correct me if I’m wrong!

  1. There will be a total of six sets, include the core and whatever the Oblivaeon finale ends up looking like. There will not be single decks released the way that there were for EE. Not clear on whether more hero variants will appear as a separate thing, or as part of future sets.

  2. Every deck that’s in Enhanced Edition will be receiving a Definitive Edition update. I think there might have been a vague hint that there may be a few new decks appearing, but maybe not?

  3. The second expansion is Rook City Renegades.

  4. The Scholar is not in either Rook City Renegades or the Oblivaeon expansion.

Based on this, I broke down how many decks there are to update, and then guessed how they might be thematically linked to create six expansions. Just for fun, I thought I would put my predictions here, and then after each set comes out we can see how dramatically wrong I am. So here goes:

Core Set (already published)

  • 12 Heroes [Freedom Five, Prime Wardens, Unity, Ra]
  • 6 Villains [Blade, Dawn, Voss, Omnitron, Matriarch, Akash’Bhuta]
  • 6 Environments [Megalopolis, Atlantis, Mars, Insula Primalis, Freedom Tower, Magmaria]

Expansion 1: Rook City Renegades (name confirmed)

  • 6 Heroes [Nightmist, Fixer, Expatriette, Setback, Harpy, Parse]
  • 6 Villains [Plague Rat, Spite, Chairman, Gloomweaver, Kismet, Ambuscade]
  • 4 Environments [Rook City, Pike Industrial, Realm of Discord, Madame Mittermeier’s]

I collected all of the Rook City heroes and villains and their locations, plus a couple of nemeses. Ambuscade sort of ended up here by default, but he mainly fits. Madame M’s fits the vibe, although it’s not primarily a Rook City location.

Expansion 2: Tome of the Bizarre

  • 6 Heroes [Visionary, Omnitron-X, Chrono-Ranger, Scholar, The Naturalist, The Sentinels]
  • 6 Villains [Dreamer, La Capitan, Miss Information, Iron Legacy, The Ennead, Apostate]
  • 4 Environments [Tomb of Anubis, Time Cataclysm, The Block, Silver Gulch]

This ended up as a catch-all expansion. I wanted the time travellers in a set together, I wanted the Sentinels to appear before Void Guard, and I tossed the last couple magic heroes here to round it out.

Expansion 3: Cosmic Tales

  • 6 Heroes [Idealist, Mainstay, Writhe, Doctor Medico, Sky-Scraper, Guise]
  • 6 Villains [Infinitor, Deadline, Kaargra, Progeny, Wager Master, Chokepoint]
  • 4 Environments [Dok’Thorath, Maerynian Refuge, Enclave of the Endlings, Fort Adamant]

This set ended up with the space and cosmic heroes, their enemies, and the Fort Adamant storyline for the Void Guard’s creation. I could see flipping Guise and KNYFE, but since I had Wager Master here it fit best.

Expansion 4: Revocorp Presents

  • 3 Heroes [Benchmark, Stuntman, KNYFE]
  • All 15 Team Villain Decks
  • 4 Environments [Celestial Tribunal, Court of Blood, Temple of Zhu Long, Omnitron-IV]

Team villain decks are smaller, so they can probably fit them all in if there are fewer hero decks. This set includes three heroes who either were villains or were working for them, four environments that are kind of villains in their own right, and the team villains.

Final Expansion: Oblivaeon

  • 4 Heroes [Luminary, Akash’Thriya, Lifeline, La Comodora]
  • 4 Oblivaeon Decks: Oblivaeon, Scions, Aeon Men, Missions
  • 5 Environments [Champion Studios, Nexus of the Void, Mobile Defense Platform, Mordengrad, Final Wasteland]
  • Hero variant cards.

The final set includes the four villains who became heroes specifically to fight Oblivaeon, the main four decks for the big guy himself, and all the environments that didn’t fit elsewhere, most of which were Obliveaon decks last time around. Not sure about those environments, and it feels late to have hero variants pop up here, but I’m not sure where else they would go.


I heard that RCR has 9 villains and that one of the heroes is completely new, but I don’t know how accurate that is.


Oh, well, that throws absolutely everything on my predictions into highly-anticipated chaos!

That is so many more villains that I expected. I wonder whether that means two team villain expansions, or whether it means a bunch of new villains?

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Yeah, they have said there’s definitely going to be new heroes (Alpha the werewolf hero lady is a popular guess for the sixth hero in RCR, as a result), and I wager there will be new villains and environments here and there, too.


They’re clearly enamored of Fashion as a hero, so she’s probably getting a deck eventually.

I wonder if they’ll ever cave to pressure and make Multiverse decks for RPG era content. Aeon Girl deck would kinda be neat for OblivAeon, while the rest of Daybreak could be a mini expansion as Void Guard were.

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They’ve said every deck will be part of a box and they won’t be doing miniexpansions. So while I don’t know if those RPG era heroes might happen or not, it would have to be part of a full expansion.

Had some speculation of my own a while back. Reposted and edited:

My old 90s Wheel of Time theorycrafting mindset has come into play. Hopefully, Adam and Christopher won’t pull a Jordan and change stuff because someone guessed correctly. From the response I got when I asked about Harpy on the podcast, I don’t think they are.

Original thoughts:
-Dark Watch will include Harpy. Since the themes of Dark Watch are “urban” and “horror” (kind of), it could be both an “urban heroes” set, and include the Southwest Sentinels, and/or a “mystic/horror” with the Enead and Gloomweaver. Could be both.
-One expansion will be a “Time and Space” set, so SkySkraper, Onmitron X, Iron Legacy, and such. Will also include updated versions of the Freedom Six variants.
-Since I don’t think that they will introduce a villain and their hero type, or two versions of a villain, I think that the penultimate will be harbingers, or “Signs and Portents” as Babylon 5 fans might put it. So Deadline and Progeny would be here.

New thoughts:
-I suspect that there are a number of concepts they weren’t able to get to work right that they might redo, like maybe Zhu Long as a full deck (either regular villain or team), or a full Biomancer deck.
-Similar to Harpy being in RCR (seems a safe assumption at this point), I wonder if La Commadora is going to be in a set prior to Oblivaeon. Same with Akash’Thriya. Lifeline and Luminary are probably still with the Oblivaeon set, because those two characters didn’t exist before O’s rampage (Stuntman will be back in there, I bet), but with how Akash and Maria Helena were introduced earlier as C&A nailed down timelines.
-I think, while the various expansions might be smaller in terms of hero/villain comp, I think variants of prior heroes will be in each. Probably depending on the theme of the set (so the F5 Freedom Five suits will be in the O, and the “Dark Watch” version of DW will be in whichever set has Zhu Long). They’ll probably continue the “first appearance” variants when the heroes are introduced.
-I wonder if SouthWest Sentinels will be the combo deck, again, or if they’ll just be individual like their Void Guard versions.
-New hero decks: Alpha and Fashion are likely, given how they’ve been getting put into the lore.

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I’m all for Fashion, but I don’t remember where she would fit in the Multiverse era. Wasn’t she S’sdari in the Bloodsworn Colosseum all the way up to the OblivAeon event? Her original book was like early Silver Age, right? That’s about the time of America’s Finest Legacy, IIRC. I didn’t think she was established very well then, and her new book isn’t until the SCU era so that’s out of the card game.

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I just double-checked on Fashion, because I was also uncertain. She escaped from the Coliseum during a storyline in 2013, had some guest appearances and occasional solos in the anthology comics during 2013-2016 (including the Cosmic Tales issue that C&A did for her), took part in Oblivaeon in some small way, and then got her own comic again afterwards.

So there’s definitely room for a Fashion deck, although it would also not be a surprise for her to not be there.


The original version was just a fashion comic, so there isn’t much chance of her showing up, just like there’d be no reason to make a Jim Brooks deck that has no access to Chrono-Ranger’s technology. Most likely, if we do see her, it’ll be in the cosmic set; her First Appearance variant would represent Ssdari (“Power: Deal 1 energy and 1 sonic damage” perhaps), and the regular version would be her short-lived presence in the 2014 and 2015 comics.


I’m still a little unclear how they’re defining “First Appearance” variants. It seems like it’s the first time that a particular person shows up under a specific name. Otherwise wouldn’t we have PP7 Legacy, Vernon Carter Bunker, and Henry Goodman Absolute Zero? I hope it’s not consistently that way, because I definitely want to see Black Fist, Grandmaster of the Streets! :fist_right:t6::boom:

Don’t forget that Fashion actually had a short period as a superhero before being caught up in the arena. (She wasn’t very popular at the time, though.) So her First Appearance would likely be pre-arena, which would be from way back…


That’s what I thought I remembered! After Stylin’ Shirley but before Hero in the Arena or whichever title, right? I didn’t think it lasted long, but would be interesting to see!


I thought they were pretty clear on the podcast that Zhu Long wouldn’t be right as a Villain deck.


They said that he could work as one, but it just wasn’t quite right. They could certainly change their minds.

My hope is that he would be one of those villains who frequently doesn’t flip, like Matriarch or Gloomweaver, so that his “True Form” is an ace in the hole which he usually won’t bother to deploy, possibly accepting a game loss rather than trying too hard to win a battle that is ultimately a passing phase of his long existence. There are several villains who aren’t as tough as they probably should be (looking at you again, Gloomy), and the best reason for why they don’t just win is that they aren’t really trying.

They seemed to go back and forth at times. Seemed like they couldn’t make one work, but that was before they did several lore stories with him.

Christopher has publicly announced that the second expansion (third box) will be titled “Disparation.” However, everything that’s likely to go in such a box is already in your “Tome of the Bizarre” suggestion.

First Appearance variants are always going to be that character’s first appearance as a hero. That’s why First Appearance Legacy is Paul VIII and not Paul VII, and not Paul VIII as a newborn baby. That doesn’t mean Greatest Legacy won’t be back as well!

And yes, Fashion existed as a hero before being lost in space. (In fact, this happened long before Stylin’ Shirley was canceled, resulting in a canon disconnect.)


Hmm, under the title “Disparation,” I agree that Omnitron-X, Visionary, and Chrono-Ranger are likely choices, but after that group I would start reaching right for the villains-turned-hero. Most especially La Comodora, seeing as how she was co-star of that book with Chrono-Ranger. Stuntman and Luminary also seem likely (and hooray for Realm of Discord First Appearance Luminary)!


I don’t think La Comodora will come out until after La Capitan. And she, Stuntman, and Luminary were all very late heroes that I think will be saved for OblivAeon (along with Benchmark and Deadline).

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