Definitive Edition: Order Predictions

I’ll throw my hat in the ring, and try to guess the Rook City Renegades contents. Assuming that the 6 heroes, 9 villains and an unknown number of environments is still correct.

We know the heroes are the 5 members of Dark Watch + 1 more. I’m pretty confident the +1 is going to be Alpha as a brand new hero, for the reasons other posts have stated.

For the villains, we’ll include the other Rook City villains and the nemeses of Dark Watch members: Spite, Plague Rat, Chairman, Gloomweaver, Kismet. I also feel comfortable throwing in Ambuscade, as a popular, street-level villain who has some association with Expat.

That leaves 3 more villains, for which I see a couple possibilities:

  • If we get Alpha, I firmly believe we’ll get Apex the Wolf King as her nemesis, especially since C&A have said he leads a huge werewolf event in the early 2000s, so he sounds big enough to get a villain deck.
  • Apostate and The Ennead are both pretty isolated, mostly only caring about their nemeses, who are both in the base game. They don’t really fit in here, but they fit less in a Disparation or Cosmic expansion, so they may wind up here by default.
  • Zhu Long is a huge Dark Watch villain, and they may have decided he’s worthy of his own villain deck.
  • All the way back in the original DE bullpen, I believe they said Harpy would get her own Nemesis symbol, instead of just the OblivAeon one, so perhaps we’ll get a new villain to be Harpy’s nemesis like Rose Griggs. Though of course she could remain without a main nemesis, like Unity.

Any 3 of those I think could fill out the remaining villains.

For the environments, we don’t know how many we’ll get, which makes it tough to speculate if we’ll get any new ones.
The existing ones I’m sure we’ll get are Rook City, Pike Industrial, The Realm of Discord, and the Temple of Zhu Long.
The Court of Blood and/or Madam Mittermeier’s are also quite likely, being evil magic places seems just up Dark Watch’s alley. If we get the Ennead, we’ll certainly also get The Tomb of Anubis to complete the set.

5 to 7 is probably more than enough environments for one set, honestly (though that’s still at most only 22 decks total, compared to 24 in the base game, and way fewer total cards since there’s fewer 40-card hero decks). But I’ll throw in a couple ideas for new environments for fun:

  • The Citadel of the Sun adds more to the Expat - Dawn connection and serves as another villain HQ to fight in. I mean, Blade already gets 2, why should Dawn not get one.
  • The Fae Court has been mentioned in several recent episodes of the podcast, including the big Fae vs the world event in the Christmas episode, so I could easily see this showing up.
  • Any of the dimensions for the Underworlds Creative Process.
  • Diamond Manor as an HQ for Dark Watch, and the magic swamp environment we all need.

Thank you for reading through my overthought ramblings and speculation. I’m probably putting a bit too much stock in them creating many new decks, but the confirmed in that Bullpen there would be some, so…


:arrow_forward: START PHASE
Each Hero with a card under this card regains 2 HP and destroys a card under this card.
Each Cultist regains 2 HP.
:red_square: END PHASE
Each Hero may discard a card. Place discarded cards under this card. If none do, destroy this card.


Alright, here are my predictions for what’ll be in Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definite Edition: Disparation:


  • Chrono-Ranger
  • La Comodora
  • Omnitron-X
  • Visionary


  • Dreamer
  • Iron Legacy
  • La Capitan
  • Miss Information
  • Sergeant Steel


  • The Block
  • Final Wasteland
  • Time Cataclysm
  • Silver Gulch
  • Hopefully we’ll also get some Environments for a couple of alternate realities (X-Tremeverse, Animal-Verse, etc.).

And, of course, since this is Disparation, there will most likely be several variants. Then again, none of these variants really have significant amounts of story regarding them, so maybe it’s not so likely they’d be included.

  • Chrono-Ranger: The Chronoist
  • Chrono-Ranger: Wind-Walker
  • Fanatic: Seraph
  • Haka: Arataki
  • “Be the Gate” Tempest
  • Cursor
  • Young Legacy (Because she’s important to the Iron Legacy Event.)
  • America’s Cleverest Legacy
  • Legacy: El Mejor Legado
  • Bunker: Cold War
  • “Be the Gate” Wraith
  • Omni-Unity
  • The Freedom Six
  • The Freedom Five and Dark Watch from the ¿Quando? & ¡Ahora! universes
  • Magical Freedom Five
  • Freedom Five: 1776
  • X-Tremeverse Variants (Almost certainly for the Prime Wardens, potentially for other characters as well.)
  • Manga-Verse Variants


There is what looks like Sky-Scraper in Tempest’s usual outfit in this image from the ARG prior to the OblivAeon KS.


An animal-verse environment was a gift I never knew I wanted, and now it’s all I can think about.


I’m still annoyed that the total number of environments which exist is an odd number…




Okay. Fine. I’ll ask. Why? :disappointed:

Just me being OCD. I like nice round numbers, multiples of 4 or 5 generally. Having 37 heroes and 27 environments feels weird, like they stopped short of the “intended” 40 or 30. I’m okay with the 24 villains though, particularly given how neat the 6x4 grid looks on the app screen.

(Hopefully in DE we get Alpha, Fashion, and exactly one more new hero while reproducing all existing ones…)

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I have fingers crossed for Young Legacy getting her own deck at some point. That or possibly the Shrieker. It might be interesting having a hero deck of exclusively Gold and Silver age artwork.

Speaking of deck counting, Rook City Renegades will have 6 heroes and 9 villains. If we say it’ll have 9 environments too (the maximum guess I’m comfortable taking), that would be 24 decks total (same as the base game) and 600 cards (compared to 720 in the base game). Given that they’ve stated each expansion will be the same price as the base game (I think), that seems like a reasonable assumption (to me anyway). The loss in cards should be made up in additional variant and event cards.

Of course, there’s more to pricing than material costs, but it’s a quick way to estimate things, and shows that an equal number of environments to villains isn’t totally unreasonable.


It won’t.

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From the most recent kickstarter update, we know that each new hero will have 4 character cards to choose from: their standard card, their 1st App. variant, and 2 more.

Those 2 more will probably consist of their old Dark Watch variant plus 1 new one (except for Hero 6). (If you’re wondering how this fits in with what they said about Mr. Fixer in his update, apparently Christopher clarified that the “Sifu Walker” variant would be his 1st App.)

So, I’ll try to take a guess at what the 1 new variant for each character will be:

Expatriette: Eclipse
Mr. Fixer: Blackfist
(we already knew these 2 from their updates)

Setback: Faye Cursed (from the St. Patricks Writer’s Room)
Nightmist: Uncursed Faye Diamond
Harpy: Blood Mage (from Episode 158)

and if the 6th is Alpha, we know it’ll be Alpha 2000 for her variant.


psst, that should be Fey Cursed Setback, not Faye Diamond Cursed.

And if this edition is all about giving every hero 4 variants…then what will happen to Bunker, who already had 5? (Legacy too, if you count America’s Cleverest.) Will Bunker end up with six versions, or will he be the one hero who doesn’t get a new variant?

Alpha isn’t a member of Dark Watch, so you need one more for her.

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I’m almost more looking forward to an Alpha 2000 variant than Alpha herself. XD

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Okay, so here is who’s left:

Heroes (20)

  • Akash’Thriya
  • Benchmark
  • Chrono-Ranger
  • La Comodora
  • Guise
  • Lifeline
  • Luminary
  • The Naturalist
  • Omnitron-X
  • Parse
  • The Scholar
  • The (Southwest) Sentinels
  • Sky-Scraper
  • Stuntman
  • The Visionary
  • Void Guard Dr. Medico
  • Void Guard The Idealist
  • Void Guard Mainstay
  • Void Guard Writhe

Villains (12)

  • Apostate
  • La Capitan
  • Chokepoint
  • Deadline
  • The Dreamer
  • The Ennead
  • Infinitor
  • Iron Legacy
  • Kaargra Warfang
  • Miss Information
  • Progeny
  • Wager Master

All the team villains (15)

Environments (17)

  • The Block
  • The Celestial Tribunal
  • Champion Studios
  • The Court of Blood
  • Dok’thorath Capital
  • Enclave of the Endlings
  • The Final Wasteland
  • Fort Adamant
  • Maerynian Refuge
  • Mobile Defense Platform
  • Mordengrad
  • Nexus of the Void
  • Omnitron IV
  • Silver Gulch
  • Time Cataclysm
  • Tomb of Anubis

The Core Set has 12 heroes, 6 villains, and 6 environments. Rook City Renegades has 6 heroes (1 new), 9 villains (3 new), and 5 environments (1 new). Also confirmed: one of the expansions will be named “Disparation.” Finally, I think we have heard that the Definitive Edition is a six-year plan, with one product per year, but I am struggling to confirm whether that is Core Set + 6 expansions or 6 products total as I look back through things.

If we imagine that the 6/9/5 count from RCR continues, the first thing to note is that the remaining 12 standard villains are not divisible by 9; assuming that no existing villains would be removed then they would have to introduce 6 new villains in 2 total expansions. This fits with RCR in introducing 3 new standard villains per expansion. My thought is, then, that there would be 2 more “standard” expansions, one team-villain expansion, and OblivAeon, bringing the Definitive Edition to 6 products total.

The Core Set and RCR each followed a pattern of including 5-hero teams plus one hero associated with that team, as well as each team HQ. But the only team left is Void Guard. So it’s hard to continue that pattern, though one set could have Void Guard plus a friend and Fort Adamant together.

I think “Disparation” is mostly straightforward to predict:

Heroes - Everybody who originated outside Universe 1/present timeline!

  • Visionary
  • Chrono-Ranger
  • La Comodora
  • Omnitron-X
  • new


  • La Capitan
  • Miss Information
  • Iron Legacy
  • The Dreamer
  • Wager Master ?
  • I’m not sure about this one
  • 3x new - maybe Voidsoul, or that thing that mind-melded everybody into a collective


  • Time Cataclysm
  • Silver Gulch
  • The Final Wasteland
  • The Block ? I’m skeptical because it’s a pocket dimension, like the Enclave, not an alternate reality or a different time
  • new

For the other “standard” expansion, I get fuzzier. I can come up with stuff to fill out either a “Cosmic Tales” or a “Tome of the Bizarre” type theme. It’s pretty quick to fill out 4 known environments for each! I have an easier time coming up with Tome of the Bizarre villains and heroes, but I think two likely new appearances will be Galactra as a villain and Fashion as a hero, which are both more Cosmic Tales. So perhaps this expansion would be a combination of both?

That leaves 10 known heroes and 9 known environments to split up among the team villain expansion and the OblivAeon expansion. Lifeline, Luminary, and the Void Guard make sense to appear with OblivAeon, as they specifically appeared and/or powered up to deal with that threat.

I’m also a little skeptical that they would lump all 15 team villains into a single expansion, and maintain the number of heroes and environments in that one. I wonder how much, if any, the team format will be changing in Definitive Edition and whether that will influence what appears in each set. I don’t play that format, but I know some people like it; only GtG really knows how popular Villains is compared to the other expansions! Anyway, whether or how that format persists will influence the composition of the post-Disparation, pre-OblivAeon expansions.


Obligatory link to the Nostalgia Critic’s video “Why Do We Love Stupid?”

I think Parse is going to be in Disparation as well, along with the Southwest Sentinels. My guess is that La Capitan will show up there, but not La Comodora - it would be cool, but too early.

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I’m focusing my math only on the expected Team Villains expansion. RCR gives us a 6/9/5 count for Heroes/Villains/Environments.
6x40 = 240
9x25 = 225
5x15 = 75
240+225+75 = 540 standard sized cards
540/60 = 9 sheets of cards for the printing machine.

So 540 standard sized cards is our ballpark limit for a Team Villain expansion. Let’s math it out!

Team Villain decks are currently 20 cards. 15 Team Villains in current existence.
15x20 = 300 cards

That leaves us 240 cards to play with. That could easily be 6 heroes, and no environments. Could also go 3 heroes (120), 3 new Team Villains (60), and 4 environments (60). So while the possibilities are unpredictable, the capacity is there as far as a print run is concerned.

**please double check my math, my kids are being kids.

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Aha! You got it. 6 total, then. Thanks.